Cable TV

100% digital cable through your telephone line!

Residential HD + Cloud DVR Services


High Definition (HD) service allows you to view high definition programming on your HD compatible TV through the use of a set-top box that is connected to your TV.

Cloud Digital Video Recorder (C-DVR) service gives you the freedom to record the program you are watching as you are watching it, record up to 9 other programs while you watch another or record an upcoming show you see in the program guide. You can also schedule a series recording so you catch all episodes of your favorite programs. Cloud DVR also allows you to fast forward, rewind, and pause both recorded and live TV while you are watching it. As your recordings are saved to the “cloud,” you never have to worry about losing them!

NVC's HD and Cloud DVR services provide the ultimate viewing experience on all of your TVs for just one low price!

Cloud DVR with FREE HD - $17/month
Included on all TVs
Record/watch up to 10 shows at one time!
250GB of storage (equivalent to approximately 50 hours of HD).
Additional storage starting at just $5 more.


250GB - $17

500GB - $22

1TB - $27

1.5TB - $32

2TB - $37


High Definition (HD) - $11/month

Included on all TVs