Description of Service

Northern Valley Communications offers broadband Internet access service transmitted through FTTH and DSL services. DSL, or Digital Subscriber Line is a type of high speed Internet access in which data is delivered across the copper telephone network infrastructure. FTTH use fiber optic cables to carry the signal.

The publicized speed of NVC's Internet service is the maximum speed attainable with the technology utilized by NVC. While the maximum publicized speed is achievable by end users, various factors may influence the actual speed and latency of Provider's Internet services. These may include but are not limited to: distance from customer's home/office to Provider's network operations center (meaning the further the distance from customer premise to network operations center, the lower the maximum attainable speed), the customer's computer, network equipment, internal network activity, and other Internet traffic.


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For actual speeds and latency please click the following link: HTTP://SPEEDTEST.NVC.NET